What are the Steps to Capture a Screenshot on an Acer laptop?

This brand is popular among users since years and especially known to ones who are the daily users of PC and laptops. The products are reliable, effective and are updated with the new technology in the market and are in wide range like desktops, scanners, printers and other devices. The devices are packed with immense features and one of the commonly used by the users these days is ‘print screen’ function. While performing this, an image is created and you can send the image of your screen that how it looks like which is beneficial in lectures and tutorials.

When you perform such task, it is quite simple for the ones who have good knowledge about the technical gadgets. But who are not aware about its operation, it will become troublesome for them. Rather than getting panic, approach Acer Technical Support to get the relevant suggestions or pursue the steps given below to save time:

  • Switch on your PC and take a screenshot of the window you wish to.
  • Take the mouse off screen and press ‘Alt’ on your keypad and tap on ‘print screen’ option.
  • Visit the ‘start’ button, click on ‘all programs’, after that press ‘accessories’ and at last tap on ‘paint’.
  • Now move your cursor over ‘paste’ button and tap on it. You will receive a screen-shot on your screen.
  • The next thing is to knock on icon of blue ‘paint’ and then on ‘save as’ to apply the changes done.
  • You can choose the location accordingly where you want to save the screenshot.
  • If you want to send it to someone, then sharing it is also quite an easy task.

Executing each step carefully will help you accomplish your target successfully. Still, you find that the problem is on its peak, seek the suitable guidance from our educated, skilled and trained engineers at Acer Customer Service Number +44-2080-890420. They won’t disappoint you or leave you in between until the issue is resolved from the depth. Feel free to contact anytime-anywhere as you can facilitate their support entire seven days.


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