How in the Acer Laptop can Function Key Popup display be changed?

Acer Laptops are the best and favorite among users these days because of its salient features and unique designs. If being an Acer user, you do not like the standard pictures that come when you adjust the volume or set the output to an external monitor, you can change them easily. Acer Support provides the easiest method to change the Fn key popup display in this blog. Before following the process you need an Acer laptop, an image editor but not paint and some spare time and you will be able to finish the process within few minutes.

  • Switch on your Acer Laptop and sign in.
  • Go to Start menu and click on My Computer.
  • Select the hard drive titled ACER or C. In this hard drive most files are stored.
  • Scroll a little down and find Program Files. Programs like Firefox and Google Chrome use this folder to store their data.
  • Open the Program files folder and click on Launch Manager. All the data for the popup display is contained in this folder whenever you press Fn and another key.
  • Inside “Launch Manager” MMRes and OSDRC folder will be seen. Whenever you switch to an external monitor you see pictures that are stored in MMRes folder and OSDRC consists all other pictures for everything else like when you turn on/off the TouchPad or when you adjust the volume.
  • When the picture needs to be changed is found, make its copy, for example, if the picture is called “MUTE” then make a copy titled “MUTE-2”. Now edit the original one because the program will look for original one only.
  • Edit the picture in an image editor other than Paint. You can use Paint.NET, gimp, and PhotoShop.
  • Change the color of print or recolor it.
  • Now save the image as the original name only.
  • When you have done changes, make sure that you kept a backup copy of the original pictures and saved everything. Closer the opened folders.
  • Go to the Task Manager using the combination of Ctrl+ Shift +Esc and select Processes tab. Under this section look for “LManager” which makes the icons pop up, click on “LManager” and then hit the End Task/End Process button.
  • Now select the “Applications” tab and click on New Task. Enter “imanager.exe in the given box and hit OK.
  • Use the Fn key again and enjoy your new images!

If you face any issue while following the above methods, our support team is always active to help you to fix any problem regarding Acer product. You can seek any type of help from our technicians, for that you just have to Contact Acer Technical Support UK. You can even get your product’s any part repaired or replaced if needed. Any problem faced while accessing your device will be solved by our agents with ease and comfort. So make a call and take the benefits of this service provided exclusively for your queries.

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