How Can You Replace The Acer Laptop Battery On Your Own?

Though Acer provides durable laptops that provide you with immense features, but there will be sometimes when you need to replace your battery after a certain period of time. Everything has its life and when the dead end comes, a person or a thing stops functioning. Same is in the case of batteries, when you use it in excessively for few years, they need repairing or replacing depending on the condition of the device. Don’t worry, it is not that difficult, you can perform this task on your own also by keeping in mind the few guidelines. Be patient and pursue the instructions carefully.

  • You have to take care of the essential BIOS business or have to change it for a much better alternative. The way to take out the component is a bit complex and you would learn to handle the important hardware component.
  • The very first indication for the replacement is the red or dim light when you turn on your system. It seems battery has overheated and you must turn off the device before the other components get ruined.
  • Ensure your system is properly closed when you begin with the battery replacement and also have a look to see there is no flaw or damage in its structure.
  • Remember to unplug the charger and switch off the system around with a slider lock. Put your thumb and press hard in the direction indicated. Keep on moving till the time you hear a sound, where your cell will be in resting position. Now, you can easily remove the battery.
  • Now, bring the new packaged product. Open it and insert the battery directly in the vacant field. After that, slide the lock back to keep it secure in the particular place.

The relevance of these steps is to guide you to change the power unit on your own. You can avoid going to the service center and can implement the functions at home only. Further, if you come across any ordeal, you can contact Acer Support UK via +44-2080-890420, who will lend you aid by providing the prevalent resolutions.

Issues in Acer Laptop/Desktop

  • Generating of pests in PC.
  • Email account not functioning properly.
  • Issues in Wi-Fi connectivity or internet.
  • Sluggish working in laptop.
  • No responding of Google Chrome.
  • Troubleshooting Pop-ups in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Malfunctioning in motherboard.
  • Display is black or blank.
  • Hitches in installation of drivers or software.